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The Arctic Fox is outfitted with light and medium fishing gear for rockfish, lingcod and salmon, along with shrimp and crab pots (seasonal). Salmon are usually caught by trolling or casting. Rockfish can be found in all depths of water and can even be caught on the surface with a fly rod. Lingcod are usually taken on a jig from deeper water. Local rivers offer salmon, trout and Dolly Varden fishing.

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Ultimate Alaskan Fishing Expedition

Best of both worlds: Yacht-halibut fishing combo

World-class fishing awaits aboard the Outer Coast. Hop aboard our 34-foot Armstrong catamaran for a quick ride to trophy fishing grounds. Spend the day wrestling halibut, battling lingcod or reeling in chrome-bright silver and king salmon. Once you’ve had your fill, return to the comfort of the Arctic Fox for a hot shower, gourmet meal and relaxing evening swapping fishing tales and watching the sunset over the water.

More info on the Outer Coast here.

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